Childhood Obesity Starter Kit for the Primary Care Office

In its 2009 Call to Action policy recommendations, the Healthy Jacksonville Childhood Obesity Coalition recognized the important role of the primary care provider plays in the community. To assist health care providers in the prevention and treatment of childhood obesity, HJCOPC and community partners developed the Childhood Obesity Starter Kit for physicians and other healthcare providers. In this kit, we have assembled practical tools we feel will be helpful to providers as they organize their practice to address this disease. You’ll also find a short list of local resources for patients and families to help them adopt healthier lifestyles.

We’ve supplemented the kit with an extensive collection of fun tips and suggestions in flyer formats that cover healthy eating and fitness for preschoolers, elementary school-age children, and tweens and teens, as well as other community resources that can help families with nutrition and fitness programs. Please feel free to use these materials and direct your patients to this site to learn more about how they can combat childhood obesity.

A tremendous amount of work and collaboration was devoted to the development of the Childhood Obesity Starter Kit. We’d like to thank the THE PLAYERS Center for Child Health | Wolfson Children’s Hospital and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for grants that enabled this work. We’d also like to thank the following for the creation and development of the kit: Nemours Children’s Specialty Care; Florida Department of Health – Duval County; Samantha Tyler, member of North Florida Americorps; Leslie Barry, RDN; Catherine Christie, PhD, RDN, LD/N, FAND, Associate Dean of Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida; and the University of North Florida Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Contact:  Jonathan Evans, M.D.,

For Your Practice

Community Resources

Healthy Tips

What to do if Toddler hates Vegetables
Hunger and Preschoolers
Feeding your 1-2 year old
Avoiding eating power struggles with toddlers
10 Great tips for parents and feeding their kids
5-2-1-almost none

Elementary School
Grocery shopping suggestions in Northeast Florida
Healthy lunch tray
Get packin handout-2
10 tips for choosing snacks
10 tips for choosing snacks (Spanish)
The importance of family meals
How to pack a healthy lunch
Healthy after school snacks
5-2-1-almost none

Tweens and Teens
Top 10 after-school programs
Snacking tip sheet for teens
How to talk to kids about weight and obesity
5-2-1-almost none

Community Referral Resources
UF Health pediatric weight mgmt center
Nemours Healthy Lifestyle Classes
YMCA free fitness consultation
YMCA free nutrition consultation
Registered dietitian nutritionists Greater Jax area
Jax community fitness resources
More Jax Community Health Resources

Additional Resources
Healthy Living Activity Sheets
Kid placemat
Family activity sheet
Coloring sheet
Cartoon coloring food label sheet

Fruit and Vegetable Flyers
Avocado flyer
Bell pepper flyer
Blueberry flyer
Broccoli flyer
Carrot flyer
Cauliflower flyer
Cucumber flyer
Grapefruit flyer
Guava flyer
Lettuce flyer
Mango flyer
Milk flyer
Mushroom flyer
Okra flyer
Peanut flyer
Potato flyer
Snap bean flyer
Spinach flyer
Squash flyer
Strawberry flyer
Sweet corn flyer
Tomato flyer
Watermelon flyer

5-2-1-Almost None Handouts
Almost none sugary drinks handout for parents
Almost none sugary drinks handout for kids
5 fruits-veggies handout for kids
2 hours screen time hanout for parents
2 hours screen time handout for kids
1 hour physical activity handout for parents
1 hour physical activity handout for kids
Kid placemat