The HJCOPC is pleased to offer the following resources to community members interested in learning more about advocacy. For additional questions about the resources or to lend your voice to the conversation, please contact the committee chairs whose work focuses on advocacy. These resources, as well as the links and downloads for all the categories in this site, are also housed in the Information Center.

Advocacy Links

2013 Jacksonville City Council Contacts
2012-2013 HJCOPC Legislative Agenda
2012 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – F As in Fat: How Obesity Threatens America’s Future
2012 USDA Nutrition and Childhood Obesity White Paper
2006 Duval County Evidenced-Based Policy Development for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity
California Food Policy Advocates
Contact Your Local Legislators
Duval County Health Department Community Health Improvement Plan
Florida Childhood Obesity Fact Sheet
Healthy Jacksonville Joint Use Policy Brief
How the Affordable Healthcare Act Addresses Childhood Obesity
JAX 2030 Mobility Plan
Obesity and Florida Students
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – Advocacy Overview
United Way of Florida – Advocacy Basics
United Way of Florida – Advocacy Tool Kit
What is Florida Doing About Obesity?

Invite a Coalition Speaker to Your Next Meeting

Through our Speakers’ Bureau, the Coalition offers free, informative presentations to local civic groups, neighborhood associations, businesses and other organizations. Our community partners can discuss the Coalition’s programs and services, our healthy eating, active living and advocacy initiatives or any other topics of interest. Contact Healthy Jacksonville to request a speaker today.