Joint Use Committee

Joint Use occurs when two or more entities, such as a school and a city or a private organization, share indoor and outdoor spaces to increase opportunities for children and families to be more physically active. Shared resources keep costs down, and when children are provided with a safe play space, physical activity increases and communities become healthier.

The Joint Use Committee seeks to strengthen the commitment for the utilization of joint use agreements.

Jackie Culver, Chair

P: (904) 652-4316

Contact Jackie Culver for information about becoming a volunteer for the Joint Use Committee.

Complete Streets Committee

Complete Streets are roadways designed and operated to ensure safe access and movement for all users. Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) is an approach to transportation decision making and design that considers the setting, such as communities and lands, in which streets, roads and highways pass. This collaborative approach strikes a balance between the need to move vehicles efficiently and safely while preserving a neighborhood’s character and other sustainable, desirable outcomes, such as the creation of vital public spaces, walkability and improved quality of life.

The Complete Streets Committee works with city planners and community groups to design communities that are safe, effective and efficient.

Melody Bishop, Chair

P: (904) 356-2654

Contact Melody Bishop for information about becoming a volunteer for the Complete Streets Committee.

Lead Community Partners

Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida

The mission of the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida (HPCNF) is to develop regional, unbiased research and evidence-based initiatives that promote healthy communities and lifestyles, and improve accessible, quality health care. The HPCNF has been addressing the health care needs of Baker, Clay, Duval, Flagler, Nassau, St. Johns and Volusia counties for more than 40 years under a variety of federal, state and local health planning initiatives. The organization strives to meet Florida’s health care challenges through planning, research and evaluation initiatives that target local health care needs and affect health policy. Visit the Health Planning Council of Northeast Florida.

Shannon Miller Foundation

The Shannon Miller Foundation is dedicated to fighting childhood obesity. Through education and awareness of the health risks associated with this disease, Shannon strives to make a positive impact on children’s health. The Shannon Miller Foundation offers children the opportunity to be physically active, and gain greater nutritional knowledge. Visit the Shannon Miller Foundation.