In 2009, the Healthy Jacksonville Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition (HJCOPC) released its community action plan to fight childhood obesity. Entitled Healthy Kids, Healthy Jacksonville: A Community Call to Action to Reduce Childhood Obesity (Call to Action), the plan’s stated goals are to:

  • Educate and increase awareness among Duval county citizens, community groups, organizations, parents, educators and businesses about the issue of childhood obesity and its negative impacts in our city
  • Recommend specific actions, strategies and policies to be implemented by citizens, organizations and local governments to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in Duval County

The Call to Action represented the collective efforts of more than 100 HJCOPC partners and provides an in-depth look at the negative effects of childhood obesity on the community as a whole. It also identifies challenges and prioritizes actions to be taken to reduce, and ultimately reverse, the rising trend of childhood obesity in Jacksonville. Addressing the second bullet point from above, the plan calls upon the following seven stakeholders (seven calls to action) to advance a set of stakeholder-specific actions, strategies and policies to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in Duval County:

  • The City of Jacksonville
  • Health Care Systems and Providers
  • Schools
  • Early Childhood Advocates and Providers
  • Community, Faith and Youth Organizations
  • Media and Marketing Community
  • Jacksonville Employers

As you’ll see throughout the pages of this website, the Call to Action centers the HJCOPC efforts on nutrition, active living, advocacy and youth empowerment. Please look through the website to review the actions, strategies and policies as set forth in the Call to Action.