5-2-1-0 The Healthiest Way to Go!

5-2-1-0 The Healthiest Way to Go! helps Duval County kids and families to lead healthy and active lives through four simple daily practices.

  1. 5 – or more fruits and veggies each day
  2. 2 – hours or less of recreational screen time
  3. 1 – hour or more of physical activity daily
  4. 0 – sugary drinks (more water and low-fat milk)

5-2-1-0 is a nationally recognized program for childhood obesity, focused on increasing healthy eating and active living. Research shows that family members provide some of the most important role models for children in their food choices and participation in physical activities. Join the movement for a healthier community by becoming a 5-2-1-0 family! We’ve made it simple to get started, with these brochures and tools:

5-2-1-0 The Healthiest Way to Go! Jacksonville

Eating 5 fruits and veggies brochure
Two hours or less of screen time brochure
One hour or more of physical activity brochure
Zero sugary drinks brochure
Activity tracking calendar

You can also get more information and easy tips on our Facebook page  and at @HJCOPC on Twitter.

Take the 5-2-1-0 Pledge today!

Show your commitment to leading a healthier lifestyle as a family and take the 5-2-1-0 pledge today! Simply answer four questions below (we’ll use the information to develop future programs to help make Jacksonville a healthier community), to receive your 5-2-1-0 pledge certificate. Post your pledge at home or the office as a daily reminder to help you stay on track.

Social Media

We’ve designed two share graphics and a cover image for your Facebook page. Let your friends and family know you’ve taken the 5-2-1-0 Pledge and encourage them to join you. To use the images below, click on the image of your choice and download it to your computer. To add a new cover image, go to your Facebook profile, hover over the camera icon in the top-left corner of your current cover photo and click “Update Cover Photo.”

FB cover imageI took the Pledge! FB postTake the pledge today FB post
We’ve designed a profile background image and share graphic that you can post to your Twitter feed. Simply click on the image and download it to your computer. To add a new Twitter background or cover image, go to your account settings in Twitter, click on the “Design” tab and upload your image in the customized section.

5210 Twitter header-R1I took the pledge -Twitter post